Aluminum vs. PVC windows: how they compare

When it comes to choosing windows for a new build or a renovation project, quality and performance are what matter most. Aluminum-frame windows, with their robust construction and esthetic appeal, are the clear choice, especially when compared with windows made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Let’s take a closer look at why aluminum windows are the better option, and how they can best meet your project needs.

(See the end of this article for a table that summarizes the differences between aluminum and PVC.)


Aluminum-frame windows: unmatched durability


Aluminum is well known for its structural strength and resistance to deformation, discolouration and expansion. Unlike PVC, aluminum retains its energy-efficiency properties throughout its life cycle, unaffected by deformation or other material changes. The lifespan of an aluminum window far exceeds that of a PVC window: it will last more than 60 years without needing any major maintenance.

GIT’s thermal barrier technology provides optimum insulation


Aluminum windows aren’t just durable; they are also well known for their excellent insulating qualities. Take GIT aluminum windows, for example. Each model features GIT’s thermal barrier technology, an innovation that ensures top-class thermal insulation. Our tests have demonstrated a minute variation of just 1 degree between the window-frame temperature and the inside temperature, even when it is -20C outside. This attests to the outstanding energy efficiency of aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows offer an esthetic advantage


Aluminum windows have a modern esthetic that is streamlined and elegant. This means they blend perfectly with all types of architecture, from traditional to contemporary. The strength of aluminum means that frames can be made thinner, so as to maximize both views and the amount of natural light entering the building.This slimline design contributes to a refined appearance that adds value to new and existing buildings, especially in metropolitan areas like Montréal, where sustainability is an increasingly important criterion. Customization is another key advantage of aluminum-frame windows. They can be manufactured in an endless range of colours to ensure an optimum blend with both building and environment.

Aluminum comes with a superior, worry-free warranty


Window manufacturers’ warranties can vary. Here at GIT, the warranty we offer on our aluminum windows reflects the trust we place in our products. Every GIT aluminum window comes with a comprehensive 30-year warranty. That includes 30 years on the frame, 10 years on hardware, 10 years on installation, 10 years on the paint and 5 years on labour. And if you sell your home, coverage is passed on to the new owner (as long as the warranty is still valid).

Aluminum offers unrivalled ease of maintenance


Maintaining aluminum windows is remarkably easy. Unlike PVC windows, which can require specific attention to combat degradation from UV rays and the weather, all that aluminum requires to retain an as-new appearance is periodic cleaning with soapy water.

Aluminum: a choice that satisfies modern requirements


Today’s architectural trends favour ample window openings and transparent interaction with the outside environment. Aluminum windows, with their sleek design and slimline profiles, perfectly meet that demand. They enable builders to create expansive glassed-in spaces that offer sweeping views and abundant natural light, while providing the necessary structural strength.

Aluminum means a low carbon footprint


People are increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of building materials. PVC is not recyclable, whereas aluminum is an infinitely recyclable metal, which promotes sustainable, responsible construction. When you choose aluminum, you are choosing a material with a lower environmental impact that will serve well beyond its original use.

Aluminum vs. PVC windows: the choice is clear


To sum up, it’s clear that aluminum windows offer superior durability, esthetics and energy performance compared with PVC windows. The upfront investment required for aluminum windows will pay off in long-term savings, enhanced property value and the knowledge that you’re making a greener choice. When the time comes to shop for your next windows, we encourage you to choose aluminum for the ultimate in satisfaction.

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Comparative table of aluminum and PVC window features

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