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The last windows you’ll ever need to buy

With a 60-year lifespan for frames and 20- to 25-year lifespan for thermal window panes, aluminium windows will save you countless headaches. Once the useful life of the window panes has expired, you’ll only have to change the glass, not the frames. Solid and durable, these frames can handle new panes without any problems. This simpler solution is less work to install (so less mess!) and cheaper, at only a tenth of the cost of a standard window replacement.

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Durable windows

Aluminium windows are an excellent long-term investment with their 60-year lifespan. They’ll be the last windows you’ll ever buy.

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Aluminium frames

Enjoy big advantages

Because it’s an extremely solid and durable material, aluminium is ideal for creating custom windows in almost limitless sizes. Get a breathtaking view while enjoying more natural light through panoramic, frameless windows, oversized bay windows and countless other possibilities. Are you doing renovations or thinking of changing your windows? Think long term and opt for aluminium frames, sure to last 60 years.

Aluminium windows

Modern and high-end style

With superior quality that stands the test of time and durable colours that don’t yellow, aluminium windows are decidedly modern, sure to win over any fan of high-end design. With simple lines and an infinite colour pallet including white, black, commercial brown, anthracite grey and more, there are multiple brand-new design options for interior and exterior frames. And modern doesn’t have to mean austere. Go with an imitation wood finish for a warm, Scandinavian look without having to worry about the maintenance or inconvenience of wood.

Aluminum frames and thermal windows

Better energy efficiency

In addition to all the advantages of aluminum window frames, double or triple glazed thermos windows allow you to save on your energy bill. Thermo windows are made up of glass panels separated by a layer of insulating gas, reducing the heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home. Windows are a major energy drain that can account for up to 30% of your heating or cooling costs. Thermal glass can greatly improve your energy efficiency.


With thermos windows, you can more easily maintain the right temperature inside your home. Thermo windows are also made of energy efficient glass that helps block the sun’s UV rays that generate a lot of heat inside your home. They contribute to considerably reduce your energy consumption, you save on the costs of air conditioning in summer, and on heating in winter.


Thermal windows, in addition to being energy efficient, reduce condensation on the glass when the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures is great. This reduces the amount of water that beads on your windows, which affects your view and can cause damage. Thermal glass is also a good insulator against outside noise. A double or triple glazed window with an aluminum frame gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home.

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Quebec-made superior insulating technology

Cost-effective energy efficiency

Our aluminium windows are just as energy efficient as PVC, if not more. Their 1-inch insulating frame trumps PVC’s ⅝ inch, and the gap between the exterior and interior aluminium prevents thermal transfer.

We have our very own R&D department so we can ensure that our locally made aluminium windows are always ready to handle Quebec’s weather.

The world is changing; so are our aluminium windows.


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