Aluminium or PVC
What’s the best choice?

Aluminium or PVC windows?

Make the smart choice

When you have to replace your windows, it’s easy to get intimidated. Just for the frame and sash, there are 3 options: aluminium, PVC or hybrid windows. While they each have their advantages, it’s good to know which criteria are important when you make your decision:

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Aluminium, PVC or hybrid?

FeaturesAluminium windowsPVC windowsHybrid windows
icon tableau durable - Aluminium or PVC WindowsDurabilityOver 60 yearsApproximately 15 to 20 yearsApproximately 15 to 20 years
icon tableau performant - Aluminium or PVC WindowsEnergy performanceSeveral models are
ENERGY STAR® certified.
Several models are
ENERGY STAR® certified.
Several models are
ENERGY STAR® certified.
icon tableau taille - Aluminium or PVC WindowsSizeOversized options available: Up to 5 feet wide and 14 feet tallLimited by structural standards: Aluminium is 23 times more rigidLimited by structural standards: Aluminium is 23 times more rigid
icon tableau couleurs - Aluminium or PVC WindowsColour selectionUnlimited colour selection (interior and exterior)White interior / white exteriorUnlimited (exterior only) / always white interior
icon tableau cadre interieur - Aluminium or PVC WindowsInterior frameAluminium – no plasticCompletely plasticCompletely plastic
icon tableau cadre - Aluminium or PVC WindowsExterior frameAluminium – no plasticCompletely plasticPlastic covered in aluminium
icon tableau fonctionnement 1 - Aluminium or PVC WindowsFunctionRigid operational frame: Will work well consistentlyOperational frame: Large windows may expand and contractOperational frame: Large windows may expand and contract
icon tableau environnement - Aluminium or PVC WindowsEnvironmental concernsMade in Montreal
Quebec aluminium, locally extruded (Quebec City and Laval
100% recyclable, can be recycled indefinitely
PVC – non-recyclablePVC – non-recyclable
icon tableau - Aluminium or PVC WindowsCostInvestment – Lasts 3 times as longExpenseExpense
icon tableau garantie - Aluminium or PVC WindowsWarranty100% for 30 years – parts and labour
Read warranties carefully for limitations.
20 to 25 years
Often non-transferable
Coverage often decreases over time
Labour not covered after second year
20 to 25 years
Often non-transferable
Coverage often decreases over time
Labour not covered after second year
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Making an informed choice

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Aluminium windows

A smart and sustainable choice

With an average lifespan of 60 years, these exceptionally durable windows won’t deform or discolour like PVC windows, which are only 10% to 15% cheaper. Despite higher upfront costs, aluminium windows are by far the best long-term choice. Contrary to popular belief, aluminium windows insulate just as well or better than PVC windows thanks to a thermal insulation technology inserted between the interior and exterior aluminium. Made in Montreal with Quebec aluminium, our windows are perfectly designed to withstand our hot summers and bitter winters.

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Hybrid windows

An interesting compromise?

Hybrid windows are made from a mix of aluminium and PVC. But it’s important to understand how they differ. These windows are more expensive but not more durable or solid than 100% PVC windows. In fact, aluminium is only used for aesthetic purposes, like the wide range of colours that don’t get discoloured. Made with a PVC sash covered in aluminium, these windows are just as likely to deform as PVC windows, so structural considerations are important.

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PVC windows

All there is to know

At first glance, the lower price of windows with PVC sashes can seem attractive. But when you consider the limited durability of 15 to 20 years combined with risks of thermal deformation and discolouration from sunlight, it doesn’t seem like such a great deal. Plus, because the materials aren’t as solid, they have to be smaller to meet structural standards. Lastly, when you also consider that design and colour selection are more limited, PVC can fall flat.