Quebec manufacturing of doors and windows
Local products and labor

From manufacturing to installation!

Proud to offer you doors and windows designed in Quebec

Groupe 68 1 1 - Made in Quebec

100% from Quebec :

The design of our aluminum windows and doors is entirely made in Montreal. We carefully choose our materials to offer you the best quality. As a direct manufacturer, from the measurement to the installation, we offer you a custom-made product with components from Quebec.
Groupe 70 1 1 - Made in Quebec

Local labor :

Located in the greater Montreal area, our company is an important player in the local economy. Offering many employment opportunities, from customer service, through manufacturing to installation, we employ local people and contribute to the collective wealth of our community.
Groupe 84 1 1 - Made in Quebec

Ecological manufacturing:

Manufactured in Quebec with clean energy and from materials that can be recycled over and over again, our aluminum doors and windows are an environmentally responsible choice. The 50+ year durability of our products adds up to making the best choice for sustainable consumption.

Our ranges of windows

Designed for the Quebec climate

git icon aluminum - Made in Quebec

Euro range :

Rethink light by adding a European touch to your doors and windows thanks to the Euro series, which offers you elegance and robustness. In addition, the aluminum composing it comes from Quebec and the systems are designed to withstand our harsh Canadian winters.
Image 2 - Made in Quebec

Energium range :

Revolutionary and energetic, the windows of the Energium range are the most efficient on the market. Find out why!
Image 3 - Made in Quebec

Classic Collection :

Aluminum is an eco-responsible quality material that is infinitely recyclable and requires very little maintenance. A wise choice for your doors and windows!

100% made in Quebec, from the aluminum to the finished product!

Aluminum: a sustainable and ecological choice

The aluminum used in the manufacture of GIT windows comes from Quebec and is produced from the clean energy of our hydroelectric power plants. This is why it is imperative for us to use Quebec aluminum for our windows. We are proud to use aluminum of excellent quality, which contributes to the performance and aesthetics of our products.

The properties of aluminum, such as its lightness, durability and local abundance from our 9 Quebec aluminum smelters, make it a material of choice for the future of our company. Moreover, the local manufacturing of aluminum allows us to offer many jobs to the people of Quebec, both in production and transportation, thus improving the economy of Quebec.

Aluminum frames manufactured and windows assembled at our Montreal plant

We control the entire production line directly at our Montreal plant. We manufacture CUSTOM frames for your needs, according to your sizes, your model and the color you want! The final assembly of the hardware and energy efficient glass is done entirely on site with our team at our plant.
legerete 1.png - Made in Quebec
resistance 1.png - Made in Quebec
corosion 1.png - Made in Quebec
Corrosion resistance
usinabilite 1 - Made in Quebec
flamme - Made in Quebec
Non-flammable and fire resistant

Commitment to a sustainable economy

Ecological doors and windows

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our offer of sustainable and locally produced doors and windows. We use different materials manufactured in Quebec to reduce the carbon footprint of our doors and windows as much as possible.

Infinitely recyclable

The design of our aluminum windows and doors is entirely made in Montreal. We carefully select our materials to offer you the best quality. Aluminum is the third most common element in the world, after oxygen and silicon. It is very popular in Europe, and it is also gaining popularity in our country, especially because of its environmental friendliness, as aluminum can be recycled 100% over and over again. Its abundance and durability make it a material of choice for the future of our society. Unlike other materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the quality of aluminum does not change when it is recycled. Its reusability is therefore infinite, especially since it retains its exceptional physical properties with each cycle. In addition, the losses generated during primary aluminum production are directly reintegrated into the production process to avoid wasting the raw material. The remelting of aluminum requires only 5% of the energy required during the primary production of the metal from bauxite. Only 3% of losses are recorded during the reuse of this material. Custom-made with components from Quebec.

Made from clean energy

With our hydroelectric facilities, we are world leaders in the manufacture of environmentally friendly materials. Compared to many countries that use coal-fired power plants to produce their aluminum, we can say that using aluminum processed in Quebec is a clean energy choice. In addition, most of our aluminum windows are Energy Star certified and are among the most energy efficient in Canada, helping to reduce household energy consumption. The 60+ year durability of our aluminum frames also contributes to the health of the planet. Unlike PVC frames which have a lifespan of about 20 years, we are talking about the use of 3 times more polluting non-recyclable plastic resources during the same period of use than an aluminum frame.

Health choices

In addition to being a good choice for the environment, the frames of our ecological doors and windows are made in part of aluminum. By reducing the PVC components of our products, we are helping to reduce the harmful particles that can be released from this material into the air you breathe. Here is an article from Econology explaining this phenomenon.


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