Aluminium or hybrid windows

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Hybrid vs. Aluminium Windows

Choosing wisely

If you’re in the market for new windows and patio doors, you’ll quickly see that there’s no shortage of options. If you’re still debating between hybrid or aluminium windows, here are a few important facts to remember.

Choosing the right windows is important for several reasons, such as:

While hybrid windows offer good savings up front, you’ll quickly find that aluminium windows offer the best option in the long haul.

Hydrid windows

What is it?

A hybrid window is an attempt to balance price and durability. It consists of a PVC frame with a non-structural aluminium exterior coating. This coating provides all the aesthetic advantages of aluminium, such as a custom color, while minimizing the risk of fading.

However, be very careful! A hybrid window offers you the exterior aesthetics of aluminium, but not its durability and interior aesthetics. It also has fewer models to choose from. In addition, large windows or bay windows cannot be produced as they require more rigidity.

Aluminium or hybrid?

FeaturesAluminium windowsHybrid windows
icon tableau durable - Aluminium or hybrid windowsDurabilityOver 60 yearsApproximately 15 to 20 years
icon tableau performant - Aluminium or hybrid windowsEnergy performanceENERGY STAR® certifiedENERGY STAR® certified
icon tableau taille - Aluminium or hybrid windowsSizeOversized options available: Up to 5 feet wide and 14 feet tallLimited by structural standards: Aluminium is 23 times more rigid
icon tableau couleurs - Aluminium or hybrid windowsColour selectionUnlimited colour selection (interior and exterior)Unlimited (exterior only) / always white interior
icon tableau cadre interieur - Aluminium or hybrid windowsInterior frameAluminium – no plasticCompletely plastic
icon tableau cadre - Aluminium or hybrid windowsExterior frameAluminium – no plasticPlastic covered in aluminium
icon tableau fonctionnement 1 - Aluminium or hybrid windowsFunctionRigid operational frame: Will work well consistentlyOperational frame: Large windows may expand and contract
icon tableau environnement - Aluminium or hybrid windowsEnvironmental concernsMade in Montreal Quebec aluminium, locally extruded (Quebec City and Laval 100% recyclable, can be recycled indefinitelyPVC – non-recyclable
icon tableau - Aluminium or hybrid windowsPriceCompare pricesCompare prices
icon tableau garantie - Aluminium or hybrid windowsWarranty100% for 30 years – parts and labour TransferableRead warranties carefully for limitations.
20 to 25 years Often non-transferable Coverage often decreases over time Labour not covered after second year
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Aluminium windows

An investment that is both durable and profitable

Although the initial cost is greater, the main feature of an aluminium window is its elegance and strength. Being significantly stronger than PVC, you can get a slimmer frame allowing more room for the light to shine through. The fact that it is made of aluminium with a thermal barrier also provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The exterior and interior finish can also be of different colors to better reflect the decor of your home. Finally, aluminium windows have a 60-year lifespan on average and are very easy to maintain.

Hybrid window

An attractive option?

Hybrid windows may seem like a good compromise to PVC windows. But be aware that you are only paying for an aluminium exterior coating which allows for a different color choice. This does not improve the strength, durability, or even the aesthetics of your windows, since you still won’t be able to get those coveted large, bright openings.

You and your home deserve the best! Take the time to evaluate all your options. Contact us to see what we can provide you with.

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