Aluminium reinforced steel doors

Superior durability

Our aluminium reinforced steel doors offer the best solution in terms of durability. The secret lies in its design: a thicker wooden frame, screwed and well insulated and reinforced around the entire perimeter. All covered on the outside with an aluminium coating painted with top quality paint. Your door will withstand the weather and you will be able to operate it easily at all times.

GIT Aluminium Doors and Windows

Lasting doors

Our steel doors have a durability of around 30 years instead of 15 years like those of our competitors, making them more profitable in the long term.

GIT Aluminium Doors and Windows

15-year warranty

Our steel doors are guaranteed 10 years on perforation due to rust, delamination as well as on the installation of parts and labor and 15 years on painting. In addition, this guarantee is fully transferable and not decreasing!

GIT Aluminium Doors and Windows

Wood and aluminum frame

A major advantage

Our steel doors make all the difference thanks to the reinforcement perimeter of the inner frame in extruded aluminium profile. This sturdy wooden frame reinforced with aluminium extrusions prevents our doors from warping, ensuring easy operability, superior strength and longevity in comparison to our competitors. In addition, this assembly makes our doors extremely secure against intruders.

Our wooden and aluminium frames allow you to create custom doors, almost without any limit to it’s size!

Starting renovations or planning to change doors? Think long term by opting for our aluminium and wood frames and their great longevity.

GIT Aluminium Doors and Windows

Superior insulation technology

Energy efficiency for absolute comfort

The world is constantly changing and so is the manufacturing of our aluminium reinforced steel doors. We are pioneers in energy efficiency and our research and development department is constantly working to offer the best products.

Our steel doors have three durable weather strips and a high-quality aluminium door brush with an additional weather strip and four water flaps. In addition, there is an insulated door panel and energy efficient glasses that make them Energy Star doors.

GIT Aluminium Doors and Windows
Photo d’une porte extérieure vitrée
Photo d’une porte extérieure vitrée
Photo d’une porte extérieure en acier rouge



  • Low-density polyurethane, injected between two sheets of 24-gauge steel
  • R16 insulating value
  • 18” solid wood block reinforcement for door handle
  • Protective strip on lock side of door
  • Two-component acrylic polyurethane paint applied in our factory
  • Solid screw-assembled1⅝” x 7½” or 9″ jointed pine frame
  • Frame interior covered with aluminium extruded profile for extra security.
  • Aluminium exterior frame cover
  • Anodized aluminium extruded threshold with thermal barrier
  • Triple weather -stripping for improved air tightness.
  • Aluminium door sweep with adjustable threshold colour and coextruded slats for better air and water tightness.
  • Ball hinges (3)
  • Retainer moulding on exterior aluminium coating
  • No external PVC (plastic) for added durability
  • Doors are hand-assembled by our artisans, for better quality control and meticulous attention to detail

The best warranty

  • 30 years on frames
  • 10 years against unsealing sealed units
  • 10 years on hardware
  • 10 years on installation, including parts and labour
  • 10 years on seal joints*

Available options

  • Interior finish blowing & decorative mouldings
  • Lintels
  • Enlargement of apertures
  • Upgraded backer bars
  • Transoms and side windows addition
  • Double French doors with Astragal
  • Reinforced panel
  • Decorative aluminium threshold
  • Wide selection of stained glass and energetic glass
  • Wide selection of door panel designs and embossed elements
  • Possible arrangement with your garage door
  • Built-in sash window
  • Smart locks connect to your cell phone
  • Digital keypad
  • Broad choice of handles and moldings

git web porteacier schema - Steel front door

Characteristics :

  1. Low density polyurethane, injected between two sheets of 24 gauge steel. Insulation tvalue R16
  2. 18’’ slid wood block re-enforcement for door handle
  3. Protective vinyl cap on vertical handle side of door
  4. Two component acrylic polyurethane paint applied in our factory
  5. Solid 1 5/8’’ or 1 1/4 ‘’ finger jointed pine frame assembled with screws
  6. Interior of frame covered with an aluminium extruded profile for extra security
  7. Exterior of frame cladded with pre-painted aluminium flashing
  8. Extruded aluminium sill, anodized finish, completed with a thermal brake
  9. Triple weather stripping for improved air tightness
  10. Adjustable door sweep for improved air and water tightness
  11. Ball bearing hinges (3)

Standard colors

Plus an unlimited selection of colours available for a fee!