Aluminium doors

Superior durability

Our aluminium doors are the best solution in terms of durability. They will last more than 60 years and their modern style will bring a distinguished aesthetic to your home. In addition, their large glass surface and their minimalist frames will provide you with an optimum lighting.
portes durables - Aluminium front doors

Lasting doors

Our aluminium doors have a durability of around 60 years and is an excellent long-term investment and the best value for money.
garantie 30 ans - Aluminium front doors

30-year transferable warranty

Fully transferable and non-decreasing warranty! 30 years on frames, 10 years on parts, installation AND LABOR, 10 years on hardware.
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A breathtaking view

The real benefit

As it is an extremely strong and durable material, aluminium creates custom door frames in almost any size. Dare to discover a breathtaking view of the outdoors while enjoying greater luminosity via frameless panoramic doors, oversized bay windows and a wide range of other possibilities. Starting renovations or planning to change doors? Think long term by opting for aluminium frames and their great longevity.

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Doors with a modern look

With high-end aluminium frames

Our doors offer endless styles and colors to match the architecture of your home. Your facade will have a modern look and our aluminium doors with a minimalist and contemporary frame will maximize the luminosity. In addition, this design and the multi-point locks make our doors extremely safe against intruders.

We offer more than 250 colors including four standard colors. The interior color may be different from that chosen for the exterior. Our aluminium doors are painted directly at the factory with a very durable baked acrylic paint. We make the doors here in Montreal for our climate, with aluminium from Quebec.

Superior insulation technology

Economic energy efficiency

The world is constantly changing and the same goes for the manufacturing of our aluminIum doors. We are pioneers in energy efficiency and our research and development department is constantly working to offer the best products.

Rest assured that there is no contact between the aluminium on the outside of your door and the aluminium on the inside. We are proud to say that our doors have excellent energy efficiency thanks to their high performance thermal barrier. And as our doors are made of robust aluminium extrusion, they will not be subject to any deformation due to temperature fluctuations or bad weather, preventing any water or air infiltration.

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