Aluminium slider window


  • Aluminium frame and sashes
  • Sturdy frame with P.V.C. thermal barrier
  • Pressure head for better air tightness
  • 4 sturdy sliding sashes allowing for indirect ventilation
  • Sashes and screen equipped with an automatic locking system
  • Sliding screen installed between the sashes


  • Glazing: double, triple, quadruple
  • Energy efficient glass: Low-E & Low-E with argon gas
  • Integrated decorative grids
  • Stainless steel wheels and rails
  • Aluminium overlap 1 3/4” and 3”
  • Brick moulding
  • Capsiding

CSA A-440 test results

  • Air tightness: A3
  • Water tightness: B7
  • Wind load resistance: C5
Sealed Unit Energy Rating (ER) Zone
Triple glazing 26 1
Quadruple glazing 31 2


Note: The triple and quadruple glazed sliders are also available on steel wheels and stainless steel tracks