Energium hung window


  • Aluminium frame and sashes with a thermal barrier
  • 1'' double-glazed sealed units
  • Sash-support spring balancers
  • Two-point locking system
  • All screws exposed to weather are made of stainless steel
  • Triple weather stripping
  • Removable exterior screen (lower section)
  • Aluminium screen mesh
  • Full-width finger grip rail
  • Upper sash tilts towards the interior to facilitate exterior cleaning

Available options

  • Energy efficient glass: Low-E and Low-E with argon gas
  • Integrated decorative grids
  • Aluminium overlap 13/4'' and 3''
  • Brick moulding
  • Capsiding

CSA A-440 test results

  • Air tightness: A2
  • Water tightness: B7
  • Wind load resistance: C4
Sealed Unit Energy Rating Zone
Double glazing 26 1