Aluminium: Sustainable and environmentally-friendly

The aluminium used to manufacture GIT windows is produced here in Québec. Being of superior quality, it enhances the performance and style of our products. Aluminium is greatly valued in France and is now gaining popularity right here at home, especially for being eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.


The aluminium window compares favourably with windows made of other products. For example, it is as well insulated as any other type of window and meets the most demanding thermal insulation standards.


  • Aluminium and Color
  • Aluminium allows you to choose the window color that best suits your home. You even have the option to choose different colors for the interior and exterior.
  • Aluminium and Style
  • Aluminium is a material that is easily moulded into geometric shapes while still retaining its properties. Thus, we can obtain large, highly durable windows with thinner frames.
  • Aluminium and Light
  • An aluminium window can have a thinner frame, therefore allowing for a greater area of glass. The result is a window that is brighter and lets in more light and sunshine. One of the many advantages is having rooms filled with natural light.
  • Custom-Made Geometric Shapes
  • Being able to produce a variety of geometric shapes is an exclusive advantage of aluminium.


  • Aluminium means minimum maintenance
  • Because aluminium is durable and retains its properties, it requires very little maintenance. Some soapy water once in a while is all you need to keep it in good condition.
  • Aluminium also means eco-friendly
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly remoulded without altering its qualities. It can be reused for windows, utensils, cars, eye-glass frames, paper….