• Resistance

Energium windows are made of ultra-resistant materials using a highly-efficient process. They are a great investment and improvement to the quality of life in your home.


  • Weather-stripping

Our weather-stripping are made of highly-durable polymers like those used in the automotive industry. In addition, they are easily replaceable.

  • Thermal Barrier

In collaboration with Dynaplast Extruco Inc., GIT has developed a highly energy efficient thermal barrier with thick walls and welded corners which exceeds the highest industry standards.

  • Locks and Maximum Openings

Our windows are fitted with a multi-point locking system that is very safe. These stainless steel locks look good and do not rust. Our steel hinges and our operators allow for apertures up to 36” (W) x 72” (H) per opening section for casements and 48” x 48” for awning windows.

  • Screens

Our screens are extra sturdy because they are made of extruded aluminium profiles and have a stylish black aluminium mesh.

  • Screws

All exposed screws are made of stainless steel which prevents rust streaks on the frames.


  • Decor

As an added advantage, Energium windows easily blend with older models of windows still on the market.

  • Lasting Colors

We offer a vast choice of colors to match your style and interior décor.

Unlike other products, our colors are stable and do not change with the sun or the cold.

  • Frame Options

Our windows come in a variety of depths for a precise adjustment to the thickness of your walls.