A material that stands the test of time

Aluminium windows and doors

Technology has evolved

Undoubtedly more durable than PVC, aluminium also provides superior insulation for doors and windows. Plus, technology has improved over the years—aluminium doors and windows can be on trend too. Whether it’s the wide range of colours that don’t fade over time, or the option for larger windows in offbeat designs, aluminium doors and windows will have what you’re looking for.


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Aluminium’s unrivalled strength is perfect if you want big windows. This Quebec-sourced material is ultra-resistant and ideal for weathering the local climate.

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Certified Energy Star, aluminium doors and windows are creating a revolutionary thermal barrier that efficiently blocks out the winter cold and summer heat.

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Meticulous manufacturing techniques provide an impeccable finish that unites elegant and durable paints with low-maintenance materials in an infinite and timeless colour palate.

Exceptional products

Aluminium professionals you can trust

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100% Quebec made

Quebec aluminium
Extruded in Quebec
Made in Montreal

Personalized support

We have what you want

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We give advice

Choose our aluminium windows and doors and enjoy a high-end shopping experience. Our experts will guide you throughout your project and help you find the best solution for your needs. Make an appointment; our experts will come to you, free of charge!

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We manufacture

All our aluminium doors and windows are made in our vast Montreal factory. Our specialized equipment, superior quality raw materials sourced in Quebec and our experienced personnel have allowed us to use eco-friendly products that exceed industry standards.

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We install

Proud to be involved in the process from start to finish, our many teams of certified installers will put in your doors and windows quickly while meeting the highest industry standards. Plus, they’ll take down the old installations and remove them professionally to minimize disruptions in your home.

50 years of innovation

Established in 1968, GIT Portes et Fenêtres Ltée has worked with high-end aluminium windows and doors for over 50 years, building a solid reputation. The company is known for products that exceed industry standards. Aluminium brings added value to windows and doors, making it an attractive alternative to plastic and PVC. Our windows and doors are known for their durability. GIT’s president, Michel Fafard, CPA, CA, said it best: “You’ll never have to change your windows again!” GIT is there for you throughout the process, from design to installation, giving you comfort and peace of mind that will stand the test of time. Our strengths? Service, quality, efficiency, design, reliability, longevity, tranquility and energy efficiency.