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Let the sun shine in! The EURO range adds European charm to your doors and windows. Aluminium components are made in Quebec and the systems are designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters.

GIT Aluminium Doors and Windows


Sleek and innovative, Energium windows are the most efficient on the market. Find out why!

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Aluminium is a quality, environmentally responsible, infinitely recyclable material that requires very little maintenance. It’s the smart choice for your doors and windows!

 The best warranty

Our warranties are transferable and non-declining. Many manufacturers limit warranties by charging a percentage over time and then eliminate the warranty when the property is sold. The majority of warranties on the market contain exclusions and limitations not mentioned at the outset. For installation, warranties usually cover only parts, but labour is usually most expensive item. GIT’s aluminium window design delivers an unparalleled warranty: 30 years on frames 10 years against unsealing sealed units 10 years on hardware 10 years on installation, including parts and labour 10 years on seal joints*   *It is the consumer’s responsibility to periodically check the condition of these seals.


Diagramme explicant le verre énergotique

Our products are equipped with high performance, energy-efficient glass. This technology provides doubly superior insulation to standard sealed glass. What is behind this remarkable technology? The three components are:

  • Low-E HER (High Energy Rating) low-emissivity coating is applied inside one of the two windows (see diagram). This coating generates high solar gains and reflects heat toward the interior of the house in winter and toward the outside in summer, reducing energy costs while enhancing home comfort. It allows almost twice the solar heat penetration of standard Low-E glass.
  • A black or white non-conductive spacer is inserted around the edges between the glass panes, joining the sealed unit while maintaining a space between the glass. Our commercial grade Technoform spacers, made of stainless steel and high-performance polymer, are used in Montreal skyscrapers to guarantee perfectly sealed units. This prevents argon leakage that would create an air exchange with the outside. The high- quality infill prevents the appearance of condensation or silver oxide streaks inside the thermo.


  • The space between the glass panes is filled with argon, an inert gas less conductive than air, which reinforces insulation of the sealed unit.

When you do business with GIT Doors and Windows, you can reduce your energy bill and save energy costs with our durable windows. Timeless windows from GIT.

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ALUMINIUM-superior quality


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GIT Portes et Fenêtres Ltée manufactures high-quality recyclable products from the finest materials, using leading-edge technology and meticulous, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Products undergo strict quality controls to verify their rigidity, strength and energy efficiency. Aluminium windows retain their beauty and require little maintenance, making aluminium the perfect choice.

  • Choice of superior materials (paint, aluminium, glass, hardware)
  • Proactive research and development
  • Strict quality controls in accordance with CSA A-440, now the NAFS
  • Focus on perfection (transferable warranty and installation warranty)
  • Sustainable energy and esthetic qualities
  • Products tested under real-world conditions in Quebec and Canada
  • Multiple products meet ENERGY STAR® requirements


  • Lightness
  • Strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Machinability
  • Fireproof and flame resistant

Aluminium: durable and sustainable

The aluminium used in GIT windows is produced right here in Quebec with clean hydroelectric power. While some countries produce aluminium using coal-fired electricity, we are at the forefront in environmentally friendly materials. That’s why we use Quebec aluminium in our windows, for superior quality that enhances the performance and style of our products. Our Energy Star certified aluminium windows are among the most energy efficient in Canada and can reduce home energy consumption. GIT Portes et Fenêtres Ltée manufactures superior quality products that are fully recyclable. We start with the finest materials, advanced technology and state-of-the-art processes. Moreover, our products undergo strict testing and quality controls to verify their strength and energy efficiency. With aluminium, your windows and doors stay beautiful with little maintenance. Aluminium is the third most common element in the world after oxygen and silicon. Highly popular in Europe, aluminium is gaining popularity here for being eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Abundant and durable, aluminium is the material of choice for the future. Unlike other materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminium retains its properties when recycled. In addition, losses generated during the smelting process are reintegrated into production to avoid wasting raw material. Aluminium remelting uses only 5% of the energy required for primary metal production from bauxite. Only 3% of the mass lost is recorded during reuse. Because of its lightweight, durable nature, some car manufacturers recommend aluminium for bodywork. The world’s best-selling van is equipped with a fully aluminium body.

A sustainable future with aluminium

Rio Tinto and Alcoa, two well-established global aluminium giants in Quebec, are partnering with the governments of Quebec and Canada to commercialize a zero -carbon emission process. The Alcoa technical centre in the United States is already using carbon-neutral technology.

Aluminium and Quebec’s economic future

The future site of Elysis, a joint venture founded by Rio Tinto and Alcoa and mandated for the project, will be built in Quebec as part of a $558 million Canadian project. It will create more than 1,000 jobs in Quebec by 2030. “This is the most significant innovation in aluminium for over a century, and a decisive step in the fight against climate change,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Quebec will be at the centre of this international revolution in the aluminium industry. As an indicator of the seriousness and scope of this project, Apple is using this new process to manufacture parts for iPhone, iPad and MacBook from clean aluminium, investing $13 million Canadian. As a Quebec manufacturer using aluminium for its products, GIT believes sourcing in Quebec is essential to help the economy thrive and create jobs throughout the province.


Aluminium and standards

Aluminium windows withstand comparison with windows made of other materials They are as well-insulated as any other type of window and meet the most demanding thermal insulation standards.


Aluminium and colour

With aluminium, you can choose colours that best suit your home, with the option of choosing different colours for interior and exterior

Aluminium and style

Aluminium is easily moulded into geometric shapes while retaining its properties. This means we can build large, highly durable windows with thinner frames.

Aluminium and light

Aluminium windows can have thinner frames, for greater areas of glass and brighter windows that allow more interior light. Natural light is one of the many advantages of aluminium windows. Aluminium is the strongest material used for window manufacturing to date, for larger apertures without mullions. That means more natural light with an unobstructed panoramic view.

Aluminium :

Custom-Designed Geometric Shapes

Aluminium is unique in its ability to produce a variety of geometric shapes. For that reason, architects and designers prefer aluminium for their most complex projects. We can design any shape to suit the opening.

Aluminium and maintenance

When combined with the paint we apply to our products, aluminium is extremely easy to care for. All you need is a cloth and mild soap and water to keep it clean. Dirt won’t accumulate or stick to aluminium or our acrylic or powder paint. The scratch-resistant surface stands up to temperature or sunlight and retains its original finish. The weather-stripping is also easy to clean.


Aluminium –strong and resistant

One of the strongest materials used in the window and door industry, aluminium is used to build curtain walls on the outer envelope of skyscrapers such as Place Ville-Marie or 1000 de la Gauchetière. Its longevity means that good quality residential aluminium windows can last from 50 to 60 years. Since aluminium extrusion occurs at than 1000 degrees Celsius, this material is not altered, faded or deformed by heat, cold or sunlight, unlike PVC.

Standards and certification

We comply with the following standards: NATURAL RESOURCES CANADA, CSA, NAFS and NFRC. The CSA is the Canadian Standards Association. It created CSA A-440 to determine the strength and effectiveness of windows. The measured criteria are: – Air tightness: A1 to A3 – Water tightness: B1 to B7 – Wind load resistance: C1 to C5 – Condensation resistance – Screen Strength/Ease of Operation – Energy efficiency – Forced entry resistance: F10 to F20 Check with our consultants to evaluate our products against existing standards.

Quality EURO®

Inspired by European design, our EURO® range combines robustness and elegance to help create striking and unique custom projects. These sublime windows will bring your architectural dreams to life.


EURO offers European style and tilt-and-turn, swing and lift-slide opening mechanisms. Large apertures and frames bring a bright, modern look to your home with sleek and contemporary design and our durable powder coating. You can have different colours for interior and exterior and there is an unlimited selection of colours to choose from.


European-made products are not adapted to our climate and delivery times can be challenging. Instead of importing, we decided to design and manufacture EURO products right here in Montreal, so we can design for maximum energy efficiency and have optimal control over quality and delivery. Our EURO designs are adapted to the Canadian climate; all doors and windows are equipped with thermal barriers, weather-stripping and integrated rail screens for exceptional comfort, even with large glass surfaces. In addition, the aluminium used comes from Quebec and all manufacturing is done in Montreal. The aluminium extrusions are extremely sturdy and withstand the test of time, while Lift-Slide mechanisms, Multipoint locks, hinges and restrictor arms are strong and durable, allowing easy, safe and effective handling.


Brighten your home with large windows and panoramic views that you get only with EURO windows. Large picture windows are more popular than ever and can enhance your property value. The strength of aluminium means you won’t need to install mullions throughout the structure, and you’ll have an unobstructed view with maximum light.

Choose an Energium® window and enjoy their new, revolutionary, energy-efficient system. The exclusive design and manufacturing quality provide durability, efficiency, safety and are environmentally friendly.


Energy efficient

In 2005, Energium windows were the first aluminium windows in Canada to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. It’s also CSA certified.



Our easy to replace weather-stripping is made with highly durable, automotive-grade polymers.



Add a modern touch to your renovations; Energium windows combine smoothly with older models of windows still on the market.


Energium windows are the most efficient aluminium window on the market today. For maximum sealing, sealed units in window frames are installed with the same technique used in “skyscraper” buildings.

Thermal barrier

In collaboration with a specialist company, GIT has developed a revolutionary, highly energy-efficient, thick-walled thermal barrier with welded corners that exceeds the highest industry standards.

Lasting colour

Choose from a vast selection of long-lasting, durable colours that withstand the cold and UV rays.


Energium windows are made from ultra-resistant material and assembled by a skilled workforce using a highly efficient process. They are an investment and improvement to the quality of life and value of your home.

Locks and openings

Our windows are equipped with a highly secure multipoint locking system, with attractive and rustproof stainless steel locks. The steel hinges and operators allow for apertures up to 36 “(W) x 72” (H) per operating section for casement and 42 “x 72” for awning windows.


You need a window frame adapted to the thickness of your walls. Our windows have a variety of frame depths for a perfect fit to your existing walls.


Our extra-sturdy screens are made of extruded aluminium profiles and have a stylish black aluminium mesh.


All exposed screws to weather conditions are made of stainless steel to prevent rust streaks on the frames.

Interior finishing

We offer a multitude of mouldings for interior finishing of all our doors and windows. Our selection can match all styles and tastes. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can order specific models or install mouldings that you already have.

Available selection :

  • Colonial in oak
  • Colonial in maple
  • Colonial in jointed pine
  • Colonial in MDF
  • Colonial in PVC for bathrooms
  • MDF tiles
  • Solid jointed pine
  • Jointed pine with three notches

Classique Collection

The Classique collection highlights the best features of aluminium-durable and superior products that retain their decorative appearance and require minimal maintenance..

Effective insulation

Our aluminium windows are energy efficient and meet the highest thermal insulation standards. They are equiped with our revolutionary thermal insulation barrier that are 2″ of 9 air chambers. This technology cuts conductivity to create any thermal loss.


  • Aluminium frame and shutters, with baked enamel finish
  • Sturdy frame with thermal barrier
  • Choice of 240 colors (nominal fee)
  • Possibility of different colours for interior and exterior
  • GIT frames adapt to different types of installations, whether by insert or brick by brick
  • GIT has the largest number of mouldings on the market
  • Vast variety of decorative tiles
  • Custom manufacturing

High perfomance and energy effiency

Most aluminium windows can use “energy efficient glass”, for twice the insulation of ordinary thermo glass This option has three components :

  • The spacer, or perimeter between the two glass panes, made with very low-conductive resin.
  • Argon, a denser gas, is introduced between the glass panes.
  • Silver nitrate molecules are deposited on one of the inner glass surfaces of the sealed unit, which allows heat reflection to its point of origin.

Unbeatable strength

Aluminium extrusions are malleable and naturally resistant to the expansions and contractions that occur during temperature variations. Aluminium is also good for the environment, highly energy- efficient (when combined with our thermal barriers) and its use isn’t harmful to the environment. You will be satisfied with the performance, durability and superior quality of this collection.