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Euro range

Rethink light by adding a European touch to your doors and windows thanks to the Euro series, which offers you elegance and robustness. In addition, the aluminum composing it comes from Quebec and the systems are designed to withstand our harsh Canadian winters.

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Energium range

Revolutionary and energetic, the windows of the Energium range are the most efficient on the market. Find out why!

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Classic Collection

Aluminum is an eco-responsible quality material that is infinitely recyclable and requires very little maintenance. A wise choice for your doors and windows!

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The best warranty on the market

Attention, our guarantee is transferable and not decreasing. Many manufacturers deceptively limit their warranty by charging a percentage over time and eliminate the warranty when the property is sold. In addition, the majority of warranties on the market contain many exclusions and limitations not mentioned at the outset. When it comes to installation, warranties usually only cover parts, but the most expensive item is often labor. The design of GIT’s aluminum windows makes it possible to honor an unequaled guarantee:

30 years on frames
10 years against unsealing of sealed units
10 years on hardware
10 years on our installation, parts and labor included
10 years on sealant joints*

*The consumer is responsible for periodically checking the condition of these seals.


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Our products are equipped with high performance energy glass. This technology provides twice the insulation of standard sealed glazing. What is behind this technology?

Here are the three components:

A Low-E HER (High Energy Rating) coating with low emissivity is applied to the inside of one of the two panes (see diagram). This avant-garde coating generates high solar gains. In addition, it has the effect of reflecting heat towards the interior of the house in winter and towards the exterior in summer. This reduces the energy bill and increases the comfort of the occupants. This product lets in nearly twice as much solar heat as standard Low-E glass.

– A black or white non-conductive spacer is placed all around between the two glasses. This component makes it possible to join the two glasses of the sealed unit while maintaining a space between them. Our commercial grade spacers are Technoform branded. These are the same spacers used on Montreal skyscrapers. They are made of stainless steel and high performance polymer so that the sealed unit is completely watertight. This prevents any argon leakage which would create an air exchange with the outside. Our high quality spacer prevents this problem and, by the same token, the appearance of fogging or silver oxide slides inside the thermo.

– The space created between the two glasses thanks to the spacer is filled with argon. This gas has the property of being inert and less conductive than air. The insulation of the sealed unit is therefore increased.
By doing business with GIT Portes et Fenêtres, you will reduce your energy bill and avoid expenses for replacing windows, since the materials used are durable.

Go through time with GIT.

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Superior quality


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GIT Portes et Fenêtres Ltée manufactures superior quality recyclable products from the best materials and by applying advanced technology and precise processes at the cutting edge of progress. The products are also subject to very rigorous quality controls in order to verify their rigidity, their resistance and their energy efficiency. They are designed to retain their aesthetics for a long time and require little maintenance, hence the choice of aluminum.

– Choice of superior quality materials (paint, aluminum, glass, hardware)
– A dynamic research and development division
– Rigorous quality controls according to the CSA A-440 standard, maintaining the NAFS
– Concern for perfection (transferable warranty and installation warranty)
– Durable aesthetic and energetic qualities
– Products tested in real conditions in Quebec and Canada
– Compliance of several products with ENERGY STAR® requirements

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Corrosion resistance
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Non-flammable and fire resistant

Aluminum: a sustainable and ecological choice

The aluminum used in the manufacture of GIT windows comes from Quebec and is produced using clean energy from our hydroelectric power stations. We are world leaders in environmentally friendly materials, as some countries use electricity from coal-fired power plants to produce their aluminium. This is why it is imperative for us to use Quebec aluminum for our windows. In addition, the latter is of very good quality, which contributes to the performance and aesthetics of our products. And since our aluminum windows are Energy Star certified and are among the most energy efficient in Canada, they help reduce energy consumption in homes.

Aluminum is the third most common element in the world, after oxygen and silicon. Very popular in Europe, aluminum is also gaining popularity here, especially because of its ecological character, aluminum being 100% recyclable to infinity. Its abundance and durability make it a material of choice for the future of our society. Unlike other materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the quality of aluminum does not change when recycled. Its capacity for reuse is therefore infinite, especially since it retains its exceptional physical properties with each cycle.

In addition, the losses generated during the primary production of aluminum are directly reintegrated into the production process to avoid the waste of the raw material. Remelting aluminum requires only 5% of the energy required when first producing the metal from bauxite. Only 3% losses are recorded when reusing this material.

Lightweight and durable, aluminum is the material recommended by some car manufacturers for bodywork. The best-selling van in the world is also equipped with an all-aluminum body.

Aluminum, an assured eco-responsible future

Rio Tinto and Alcoa, two global aluminum giants well established in Quebec, are working in partnership with the governments of Quebec and Canada to commercialize a zero CO2 emission aluminum manufacturing process. Carbon neutral technology is already in use at Alcoa’s technical center in the United States.

Aluminum, an economic future for Quebec

The future site of Elysis, a joint venture founded by Rio Tinto and Alcoa and mandated for the project, will be built in Quebec as part of a C$558 million project. This will create more than 1,000 jobs in Quebec by 2030. “This is the most important innovation in aluminum for more than a century, and a decisive step in the fight against climate change,” assured the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Quebec will therefore be at the heart of this international revolution in the world of aluminum.

A sign of the seriousness and scope of the project, even the Apple company is betting on this new process to produce its parts for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook from clean aluminum. It has also invested 13 million Canadian dollars. As a Quebec manufacturer using aluminum for its products, GIT considers it essential to source from Quebec, not only to make the economy flourish here, but also to promote the creation of excellent jobs throughout the province. .


Aluminum and compliance with standards

The aluminum window compares favorably to windows made of other materials. For example, it is also well insulated and meets the most demanding standards in terms of thermal insulation.


Aluminum and color

Aluminum allows your windows to be coated with the color that best matches your home. You can even opt for different interior and exterior colors.

Aluminum and refinement

Aluminum is a material that adapts to the geometric shapes imposed on it, while retaining its properties of finesse and resistance. This results in large windows with finer contours and equally high resistance.

Aluminum and light

The aluminum window frame can be very thin, allowing more room for glazing. This results in a window that lets in more sunlight. This configuration has many advantages, including the pleasure of living in naturally lit rooms. Since aluminum is the strongest material used to manufacture windows today, it also allows for larger openings without mullions. So you get a greater influx of natural light and an unobstructed panoramic view.


bespoke geometry

If there is an exclusive advantage to aluminum, it is its ability to adapt to a multitude of geometric shapes. This is why architects and designers love to work with this material for their most complex projects. We can custom create any shape to suit the design of the opening.

Aluminum and maintenance

Aluminum, combined with the paint we apply to our products, allows for extremely easy maintenance. All you need is a cloth and mild soap diluted in water to obtain a complete cleaning. Dirt does not become embedded or stick to aluminum or our acrylic or powder paint. The surface does not scratch or react to temperature or sunlight. The original finish therefore remains. The material of our weatherstripping is also easily cleanable.


Aluminum and resistance

Aluminum is the most resistant material among those used in the door and window sector. This is why it is used for curtain walls that form the outer envelope of skyscrapers such as Place Ville-Marie or 1000 de la Gauchetière. Its longevity is impressive. A good aluminum residential window can last 50 to 60 years. As the extrusion of aluminum is done at more than 1000 degrees Celsius, this material is in no way altered, faded or deformed by heat, cold or the rays of the sun, unlike PVC.

Standards and certifications

We adhere to the following standards:

– Natural Resources Canada, CSA, NAFS and NFRC.
– ACNOR (or CSA) is the Canadian Standards Association. It created the CSA A-440 standard, which determines window strength and efficiency levels.

Here are the criteria measured:
– Airtightness: from A1 to A3
– Water tightness: from B1 to B7
– Rigidity and resistance to the action of the wind: from C1 to C5
– Condensation resistance
– Ease of use
– Energetic efficiency
– Resistance to forcible entry: from F10 to F20

Ask our advisors to evaluate our products against existing standards.


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Our EURO® range combines robustness and elegance. Inspired by European design, these products make spectacular and unique custom projects possible. Bring your architectural dreams to life with this sublime window!


The products in our EURO range will offer you the European style and tilt-and-turn, casement and lift-and-slide opening mechanisms. The large openings and frames with a straight and contemporary design will bring a modern look to your property. Our powder coat paint creates a refined and durable finish. The color possibilities are endless and the interior color may be different from the exterior. In addition, the hardware used such as handles and high-end hinges are an integral part of the sought-after European style. Their finish matches perfectly with the whole.


We are the only ones in Canada who do not import our EURO style products, because it is well known that products from Europe are not suitable for our climate. In addition, delivery times can be excessive. This is why we made the decision to design and manufacture our EURO products right here in Montreal, so that they are efficient and that we can have optimal control over quality and delivery times.

The design was thought out with the Canadian climate in mind. Thermal barriers, weatherstripping and integrated rail mosquito nets have been installed in our doors and windows in our EURO range. All this to ensure exceptional comfort, even when the glass surfaces are very large. In addition, the aluminum used comes from Quebec and all manufacturing is done in Montreal. The aluminum extrusions used are extremely robust and will stand the test of time. The mechanisms used such as lift-slide, multipoint locks, hinges and limiting arms are strong and durable. They also allow easy, safe and efficient handling of products.

The light

Choosing our EURO range is synonymous with light. The large openings will light up your home while giving you a panoramic view of the outdoors. Large windows are more trendy than ever in the world of architecture and design and bring added value to your property. The strength of aluminum eliminates the need to distribute mullions within the structure. Thus, nothing obstructs the view and the entry of light is maximized.

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Choose the Energium® line to take advantage of a revolutionary new energy-efficient window system. Its exclusive design and manufacturing quality provide durability, efficiency, safety and respect for the environment.


Energetic efficiency

In 2005, the Energium window was the first aluminum window in Canada to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. It is also accredited by CSA.



Easy to replace, the weatherstripping is made with highly durable, automotive-grade polymers.



Match the Energium windows with the exterior visible part of all the old models still on the market. This is a decisive advantage for renovating with a touch of modernity.


The Energium window is still today the most efficient aluminum window on the market.

For maximum tightness, the installation of the sealed units in the window frames is carried out with a technique identical to that of commercial buildings of the “skyscraper” type.

thermal barrier

In collaboration with a specialized company, GIT has developed a revolutionary thermal barrier of high energy efficiency. It is characterized by thick walls and welded edges to stiffen the structure. It exceeds the highest standards in the industry.

Lasting colors

Select your color from a wide selection of optional colors. The colors are stable and long lasting. They are not sensitive to cold or UV rays.


Developed with foolproof materials and assembled by a skilled workforce, Energium windows are an incomparable investment to stand the test of time by improving the quality of life and the value of your home.

Locking and opening

Our windows are equipped with a very secure multipoint locking system. The three stainless steel locks are aesthetic and do not rust. Openings can reach up to 36 in. (W) x 72 in. (H) per operating section for casements and 42 in. x 72 in. for awnings.

Variety of frames

Get a window whose frame is adjusted to the thickness of your walls. We have a variety of frame thicknesses to offer.

mosquito nets

Our window screens are profiled and extruded from aluminum for superior rigidity. The high-quality trellis is black in color, which adds an aesthetic touch.


All screws exposed to the weather are stainless steel, to prevent rusting slides on the frames.

Interior finish

We offer a multitude of moldings for the interior finish of all our doors and windows. Our large selection allows us to match them to all styles and appeal to all tastes. If you do not find what you are looking for in our choice of mouldings, we can also order a specific model for you or install moldings that you already have in your possession.

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Choices offered:

– Colonial in oak
– Colonial maple
– Colonial in jointed pine
– Colonial in MDF
– Colonial in PVC for bathrooms
– Square in MDF
– Jointed pine plain
– Three jointed pine notches



Our aluminum windows meet the highest thermal insulation standards. Their energy efficiency has also been proven.

They feature our revolutionary award-winning 2-inch thermal barrier made up of 9 air chambers. This technology cuts conductivity and prevents any thermal bridge.

The Classic collection highlights the best characteristics of aluminum through our various doors and windows. The advantages of this material allow the manufacture of a resistant and superior quality product that retains its aesthetics over the years and requires little maintenance.


– Aluminum frame and sashes, baked enamel finish
– Sturdy frame with thermal barrier
– Possibility to choose from 240 colors (small supplement)
– Possibility of different colors for interior and exterior
– GIT frames adapt to different types of installations, whether insert or brick-to-brick
– GIT has the largest number of moldings on the market
– Very wide variety of decorative tiles
Custom manufacturing


The vast majority of aluminum windows can be provided with “energy glass”. This option provides twice the insulation of ordinary thermo glass*.

This option consists of three components:

– The spacer, which is the perimeter separating the two glasses made using a resin with very low conductivity.
– A denser gas, argon, is introduced between the two glasses. – The spacer, which is the perimeter separating the two glasses made using a resin with very low conductivity.
– The most important is the deposit of silver nitrate molecules on one of the surfaces of the inner glass of the sealed unit, which allows heat to be reflected back to its point of origin.


The aluminum extrusions used also enhance their installation with their malleability, since this material naturally resists the expansion and contraction that can occur during temperature variations.

Aluminum also has environmental benefits, since it offers high energy efficiency (in combination with our thermal barriers) and its use is not harmful to the environment. In short, this collection is a long-lasting choice of exemplary quality.

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