Façade d’une maison présentant plusieurs types de fenêtres
Façade de maison présentant une porte de garage
Façade de maison présentant plusieurs types de fenêtres


GIT supplies and installs Garaga® garage doors.

Made in Quebec and build for airtightness, Garaga® doors are available in a variety of colours and fit perfectly with GIT windows, enhancing the elegance and value of your home or your real estate project.

GIT adds aluminium components to Garaga® doors for improved thermal performance, durability and style. An aluminium weather strip is affixed and aluminium door frame coating matches the door colour. GIT installs several types of motors and practical accessories, and we can also match the colour and design of the garage door to your doors and windows.

Available options

  • Wide selection of door designs
  • Digital keypad
  • Sealed integrated windows
  • Several types of motors
  • Remote control
  • Mini remote control for car